11 Mar 2017

It’s cold! Time to get out of here….Where will I go?

In the constant pursuit of doing the un-ordinary and un-typical, (those are my new words) I have decided to start planning a trip.  When I say planning, I really mean deciding on a location, which is typically a flip of a coin, and then planning the activities, which usually means

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01 Nov 2015

A Fall Collection

Mother knows best.  Nothing like a call to mom on Sunday to have her kick you in the butt to post some photos.  This is a small collection of shots I took over a few weekends in the fall.   Most are from a hike I took by myself through

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28 Dec 2014

Trip to Iceland Recap

In June of 2014 my wife and I went to Iceland for the sole purpose of taking photographs. I had become interested in Iceland while staggering around the Internet looking for time lapse videos.  I was lucky enough to find an outstanding video on Vimeo that just floored me.  I

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