Welcome to my @SenselessScott Landing Page.  Here you can find ways to follow me.

If you are viewing this page chances are that I have met you somewhere and I told you about senselessscott.com.

Why SenselessScott?

SenselessScott is a handle that I created when I started broadcasting on Periscope.  I chose the handle so that I would have a plausible reason if any one ever challenged my words or action as not making any sense.

SenselessScott now serves as an easy to remember web site name where people that are interested can find links to my content and get in touch with me if they would like.

Here are the links to my content!

Instagram : @ScottLagosPhoto

Twitter: @SenselessScott and/or @ScottLagosPhoto

Facebook: facebook.com/scottlagos or facebook.com/scottlagosphotography

500px: 500px.com/scottlagosphoto

Prints for sale on: Fine Art America

My IoT, Raspberry PI and other Projects Blog ScottyPi.com

Email me: scott (you know the At symbol goes here) mailbridge.com


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