It’s cold! Time to get out of here….Where will I go?

In the constant pursuit of doing the un-ordinary and un-typical, (those are my new words) I have decided to start planning a trip.  When I say planning, I really mean deciding on a location, which is typically a flip of a coin, and then planning the activities, which usually means buying the plane ticket, arranging lodging, and renting a car.  Beyond that I pretty much wing it.

I am not one for rigid plans and schedules, until I have a plan and schedule, and even then I am quit flexible unless there is significant money at risk.  As far as the wasting money goes — its a human experience factor really and not the money itself.  I’d likely ditch a $200-300 reservation or spend an extra $500 to do something new, unique and fleeting than miss out just to rush to a touristy, common activity.   You’re with me and don’t agree?  You go ahead. I’ll catch up later. Get me a hat.

Not sure where I was going with all that, but here we go….

I already have the location selected.  I have the duration selected.  Truth be told I already have the plane tickets, accommodations, and sucked in a few travel companions – they are still talking to me too.  We’ll see how they feel after 11 days with me.  I suspect there will be more than one occasion when I hear them say — ‘You stay here Scott, we’ll catch up later.”  Lucky for them they will have that option.

This trip like most of the others I have taken in recent years will be largely centered around landscape photography.  My skills over the past few years have improved, I think.  This new location will surely put my skills to the test.

I’ve got a few new toys to play with too.

New Toys

GoPro Hero 5 with Stabilizer Gimbal

DJI Mavic Pro with 4K Video and plenty of spare batteries

Lumix LX 10 Camera with 4K Video

Lee 105mm Polarizer for my 100mm Foundation Kit

Groovy new Garmin Fenix 3 HR GPS Watch

Qualcomm 1700 Satellite Phone (for when I am off-grid, off Wi-Fi, off-Cellular)

Canon 5D Mark IV, which replaced my two 7Ds.  My 1DX now serves as a backup body and ready for sports shooting.


That’s all I’m revealing right now.   I’ll be posting daily, so stay tuned.  I promise it will be worth it.  Well maybe.


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